Berkeley Youth Institute

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The end of Summer review

Sorry for the silence folks! Here's a nice, big summary of our wonderful summer.

Our new class started from scratch, and learned the foundation of film and design. Through perseverance, patience, and persistence, they created their very first films and designed logos, posters, and magazine pages. They fit into our family perfectly. Here's a playlist with all the New Class films!

Our Year Twos bonded together and built off the foundation from last year. They proved to us, once more, that any challenge can be completed. They rocked it! Here's a playlist with all the Year Two films!

With two to three years under their belts, our Year Threes and Fours earned what all artist strive for: COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL. They were given a budget of $300, and challenged to handle all aspects of production. With great power comes great responsibility, and they handled both with grace. Here's a playlist with the Year Three films!

The summer of 2015 has incredibly challenging and fun. Congratulations and thanks to our amazing group!