Berkeley Youth Institute

Brought to you by the YMCA of the Central Bay Area.

2016 Complexion Projects

Complexion worked on some really cool projects with some really dope people from January-April. The Berkeley Youth Institute teamed up with four local artists/entrepreneurs and created a series of projects for us to complete. Our purpose has always been to provide local, on-the-job training to young, developing artists and media makers; so, it makes sense that we teamed up with four dope Bay Area creatives!


JANUARY - We teamed up with Do D.A.T. to create a 2-track extended play (EP). Gathering our inspiration from a couple different Wu-Tang tracks we created the beats, lyric video and album art. Do D.A.T provided the powerful lyrical content. Here's Mechanical Man.


FEBRUARYComplexion worked with Red Bay Coffee to design and execute a social media marketing campaign for the brand’s operations at the Berkeley Farmer’s Markets. We thought deeply about Red Bay’s mission and their target demographic. The result is a visually compelling Instagram campaign that focuses on “The Faces of Red Bay Coffee.” 


MARCH - Complexion teamed up with UPLFTRS to create a new t-shirt design and campaign. Ultimately, they decided to focus on the theme of Global community (in light of the upcoming 2016 summer olympics). Their initial ideas inevitably became rough sketches, and those sketches ultimately became the “UPLFTRS Worldwide” Community tee. You can purchase the shirt here! Use code "comm[unity]" for 15% off (through end of the month).


APRIL - Pamela Chavez and Emalyn Lopez challenged Complexion to make an animated short. This was the first time that they had done anything like this! It's a story of two rockets - thoughtfully illustrated, sound elevated. It took them longer than they expected, but the end of the journey inevitably came. Witness SPACE RACE


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